Microbiome Sequencing

Metagenomic sequencing mainly focuses on the genomes of microbes in a particular environment. With the help of high throughput sequencing technologies, researchers can analyze microbial community diversity, gene composition and function, as well as metabolic pathways associated with the environment. This technology has opened up a new era in the study of microbial diversity with direct access to the genomes of numerous non-cultivatable microorganisms in their natural habitat. Hence, it has been widely applied to many environmental studies.

Sequencing platform and strategy

Illumina HiSeq platform; Paired-end 150 bp

Technical route
Analysis content and analysis chart display (partial)

Analysis content

一、Quality Control

二、Species Annotation and Differential Species Analysis

三、Construction of Gene Set and Differential Expression Analysis

四、Function Annotation Analysis

五、Advanced Analysis

  • Visualized analysis of KEGG metabolic pathway

  • MGS abundance heat map

  • Heat map of gene abundance in a CAG

  • Classification statistics of KEGG annotation results

Technical advantages
  • Rich project experience

    high output of papers

  • Mature experimental technology

    reasonable analytical methods

  • Comprehensive analysis content

    keep up with international frontier

  • Exquisite pictures presentation

    highly favored by mainstream journals