Gut microbiome- a neglected “functional organ” Gut flora is a large population of microorganisms living in the human intestine. There are 1014 microbes in the gut, which is about 10 times the total number of human cells. In addition, the number of genes in the gut flora is 150 times that of human own genes. Thus, the gut microbiome is known as " Second genome of human body".
02 Chronic diseases are a serious threat to the health of Chinese people The occurrence and development of chronic diseases display a distinct feature of gut flora, so the feature of gut flora can indicate the health condition and be a barometer of human health. Through the detection of gut flora, trends in the development of chronic diseases can be predicted. On this basis, we are able to carry out conditioning and intervention in advance. By targeted improvement of intestinal flora, the occurrence and development of diseases can even be prevented.
03 Product Introduction Colohealth™, an intestinal flora detection service product, using high-throughput sequencing technology, can accurately and comprehensively detect the intestinal flora information, analyze the intestinal environment status, evaluate trends in the development of chronic diseases. According to the test results, personalized health management programs for intestinal health are provided to help adults stay away from chronic diseases.
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