The 6th International Human Microbiome Consortium Congress

We are pleased to welcome you to the 6th International Human Microbiome Consortium (IHMC) congress! As you are all aware, this is a gathering that we look forward to with anticipation and great joy every two years. It is where many of us were first exposed to microbiome science and metagenomics medicine, and where we have presented our premier work. I recall fondly our gatherings in Shenzhen, Vancouver, Paris, Hangzhou, and Luxembourg, where we had the opportunity to first hear of the landmark observations from MetaHIT, HMP, and each of our laboratories and clinical or translational research programs. I recognize what an incredible impact IHMC has made on the direction and amplitude of our groups’ translational research, and know it has done the same for many of you.
Although the IHMC initiated its congress meetings nearly 9 years ago, and has stood proudly as the first and foremost microbiome and metagenomics meeting in the past decade, this will be the first opportunity we have gathered in the U.S.—and let me tell you, we are ready to celebrate Texas style!
In the tradition of cutting edge, high impact science that the IHMC is known for, we will once again welcome the leaders and innovators in this field of microbiome and metagenomics science at our 2016 IHMC Congress in Houston, November 9-11, 2016. Our congress will focus on three questions: How has this field of microbiome science and metagenomics medicine advanced so rapidly, and where did it really arise from? How does the microbiome influence the human host, both in health and disease? How does the human host influence the microbiome membership and function? You can find our program and speakers on the web site at IHMC2016.org.
Please come join us to hear about outstanding work from every corner of the globe, encourage your mentees and colleagues to do the same, and join us. We promise you a warm Texas welcome, lots of superb science and translational medicine, collegiality and collaborative opportunities with the leaders in our field, and some good old fun!
Three dynamic days packed with sessions and presentations by world-renowned scientists and academics in the field of microbiome research. Join us for cutting-edge topics and techniques that you need to know about.

RealBio as the 6th International Human Microbiome Consortium Congress sponsors was invited to attend the meeting. At the same time to learn the most advanced research in the field of microbiome , and to display technology services products for the Chinese and foreign experts and industry, jointly promote the international cooperation in the study of microbiome.

Most of all,RealBio CEO and chief scientist Dr. Qin Nan had a wonderful speech in the topic of Emerging Roles of the Microbiome in Human Disease.