Realbio Technology has raised RMB 40 million ($5.9 million)

In October 2016,Shanghai-based biotechnology company Realbio Technology has raised RMB 40 million ($5.9 million) in a pre-A Series financing round. The investment comes from Shenzhen-based Green Pine Capital Partners, Hangzhou-based Bioclub, and Beijing-based Tianheyongxin Investment. "The financing will be mainly used to recruit talents and build a new clinical laboratory in Shanghai with state-of-the-art facilitates to accommodate expansion of our operation in China," said Realbio CEO Nan Qin in a statement.

Benefit from policy and capical, microbiome industry is enjoying rapid development. In recent years, the research of microbiome has generated a lot of exciting findings. In May 2016, United States government started "National Microbiome project" (National Microbiome Initiative, NMI), invested tremendous resources and capital to promote the development of microbiome industry. In March 2016, NPC&CPCC proposed precision health plan in China, which included strong support for microbiome.

Realbio, founded in 2014, uses high-throughput DNA sequencing technology to conduct microbiome studies and examine clinical samples. The group specializes in the enrichment and analysis of genes and microbiomes in fecal specimens.
Realbio has research centers in Shanghai, Jinan, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou, and comprises three business units: Realgene for research services, Realmed for clinical services, and Realagro for agricultural services.
REALGENE provides scientific research services for universities, institutes, hospitals and individuals, which cover microbial genome sequencing, 16S/ITS amplicon sequencing, metagenomic sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, computer clusters construction.
REALMED based on high throughput sequencing platform, offers customers with early detection of disease and integrated health management service. REALMED focuses on the application of cutting-edge technology and research in medicine, especially in the precision medicine fields of early cancer screening, human microbiome research, and health management.
REALAGR specializes in high throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis services in animal husbandry. REALAGR focuses on cutting-edge technologies, products, and services of cultivation of bacteria incubation of animal husbandry, nutrition, and disease control.
In July 2016, as a joint sponsor, RBG founded the Innovator Association of Microbiome, which has attracted microbiome experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and investors to join, and has also promoted the communication and development of domestic microbiome research.