About Realbio

Realbio Technology (RBT), established in 2014 in Shanghai, is a leading high-tech start-up in China that specializes in gene technologies and health services. Headquatered in Shanghai, RBT has set up branches in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Jinan, Guiyang and other places. Since the foundation, we have always been adhering to a business philosophy of "actively enterprising", with a firm commitment to providing services of premium quality through our nationwide service network. RBT has collaborated with top research institutions at home and abroad, and recruited a team of elites from talented people in genomics, bioinformatics, medicine and other deciplines of life science. So far, the group has received approval of some40 software copyrights and a dozen patents, and published a series of research articles in top  journals including Nature, Science, Nature Genetics, Genome Biology, Nature Communications, and PNAS.In October 2016, the company has raised RMB 40 million ($5.9 million) in a pre-A Series financing round, which was invested by Green Pine Capital Partners and Bioclub. In September 2017, RBT completed nearly 10 million US dollars of A Series of financing invested by Marathon Venture Partners.RBT has two brands: REALGENE and REALMED.